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Underage DUI

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Aggressive Defense AGAINST Underage DUI Charges in Illinois 

Navigating the complexities of underage DUI laws in Illinois can be a daunting task, especially for young individuals caught in the legal web of consequences. At DeRango & Cain, LLC, we recognize the challenges that arise when facing underage DUI charges and are dedicated to providing steadfast legal support. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of Illinois law. It is committed to safeguarding the rights and futures of young individuals accused of underage DUI offenses. 

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Underage DUI Laws in Illinois

Understanding the specific laws surrounding underage DUI in Illinois is crucial for anyone facing such charges. In the state of Illinois, the legal drinking age is 21, and the penalties for underage DUI are stringent. It is essential to be aware of the critical aspects of these laws to make informed decisions during legal proceedings.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy: Illinois has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. This means that individuals under the age of 21 cannot operate a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system.
  • BAC Limits: For individuals under 21, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is 0.00%. Any measurable BAC level can result in severe consequences, regardless of whether it is below the legal limit for individuals over 21.
  • Immediate License Suspension: Upon being charged with underage DUI, the Illinois Secretary of State can suspend the individual's driver's license immediately.
  • Criminal Charges: Underage DUI is considered a criminal offense in Illinois, leading to criminal charges, fines, and other legal ramifications.

What are the Penalties for an Underage DUI in Illinois?

As a zero-tolerance state, if any amount of alcohol is detected in the bloodstream of a driver under 21, they can be arrested for DUI.

An underage DUI can come with the following penalties:

  • 3-month license suspension for a first conviction
  • License suspension of 1 year for a second conviction in 5 years
  • 6-month suspension of driving privileges for a chemical test refusal

You simply cannot afford to risk your future with a DUI conviction. You could ruin your chances of getting into college or getting the job you want with a criminal record—if you or your child have been arrested, you need to reach out to our skilled Rockford underage DUI attorney right away to get to work on your defense.

Underage drivers with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.08% can see even worse penalties—at least a license suspension of two years, up to one year in prison, and upwards of $2,500 in fines. We know you or your child cannot afford to have such damage done to your record so early on in life. For this reason, our Rockford underage DUI attorneys fight hard to protect your future.

Defenses Against Underage DUI Charges

Building a robust defense is crucial when facing underage DUI charges. At DeRango & Cain, LLC, our experienced attorneys explore various defense strategies tailored to each case, challenging the prosecution's evidence and ensuring a fair legal process.

  • Illegal Stop or Arrest: If law enforcement did not have reasonable suspicion to stop or arrest the individual, it may be grounds for a defense.
  • Faulty Field Sobriety Tests: Field sobriety tests are subjective and prone to errors. Challenging the validity of these tests can be a crucial defense strategy.
  • Breathalyzer Inaccuracy: Breathalyzer tests are not foolproof, and inaccuracies can occur. Challenging the reliability of breathalyzer results is a common defense tactic.
  • Lack of Probable Cause: Establishing that law enforcement lacked probable cause for traffic stops or arrests can be a strong defense argument.
  • Rising BAC: Arguing that the individual's BAC rose during the test, potentially exceeding the legal limit after the arrest, can be a valid defense strategy.

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In addition to your future being jeopardized, a DUI conviction can result in having to pay much higher insurance rates. You can't afford to try and handle an underage DUI charge on your own—DeRango & Cain, LLC has handled countless DUI cases, and we know how to contest such charges.

With more than 100 years of collective legal experience behind us, DeRango & Cain, LLC​ has the tools to combat your criminal charges and keep your record clean. We put in the time necessary to thoroughly investigate your case to uncover where law enforcement may have overstepped their bounds or mishandled evidence and argue on your behalf in and out of court. 

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