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The dynamic and emotional nature of family relations litigation presents unique challenges which are absent from other areas of the law. A successful family law attorney must be prepared to deal with often dramatic changes in the status of a case while maintaining and anticipating the delicate balances between vigorous advocacy, thoughtful collaboration, and the financial and emotional well-being of the parties. The Attorneys of DeRango & Cain, LLC​ understands the complex legal and emotional issues at stake and dedicate themselves to providing the most effective and efficient courtroom representation possible while seeking to ensure that the courtroom success has the maximum positive impact on the daily well-being of our clients and their children.

A divorce or child custody dispute is an uncertain time. This is complicated by the fact that the clear and defined measures for success in other areas of law are not always present in family law. The emotional and financial safety and security of our clients is our goal; however, this goal is not always accomplished through the traditional indications of courtroom success. In family law, there will be times when aggressive litigation is necessary to protect you and your children; yet, there will also be times when your best protection is cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. The attorneys of DeRango & Cain, LLC are experts in providing you with the best possible information and advice so that together we can ensure that your rights are protected and the best interests of your children are preserved.

Whether your needs involve divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, or an order of protection in Winnebago, Boone, and Ogle Counties, let our family help protect yours, both inside the courtroom and out.

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